Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre, Hornchurch Road, RM11 1JU

Hornchurch Osteopaths ~ Your First Visit

On arrival at our clinic, you will find a convenient parking area.

The Osteopathic Clinic has a welcoming atmosphere where nervous patients quickly feel comfortable and at ease and will be able to relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

At the Leisure Centre the clinic room is on the first floor. There is a lift for those that want to avoid the stairs.

The osteopath will invite you to a clean and well equipped treatment room where you will sit and a medical history will be taken. Particular attention is made to previous or current medical conditions that will determine whether treatment is appropriate. Your problem area will be examined as will other features such as posture and painful movements will be assessed. You will not be asked to remove any clothing unnecessarily. Therefore examination and treatment may not require you to remove any clothing.

The osteopath will normally be able to make a diagnosis at your first visit and will discuss the findings with you. Having informed you of the treatment required you will be asked if you understand and you will be asked for your consent so that treatment can be started. If it is possible you will be given an estimation of how many treatments may be needed. Often only one or two treatments may solve your presenting condition. It is usual that we will show you exercises that will help correct your problem.
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Hornchurch Osteopaths Clinic

Osteopaths aim to restore your body's natural balance. Calling on a variety of highly-skilled techniques, they use gentle manipulation to improve your mobility through stretching and massaging your muscles. This is not simply to relieve your pain, but to remove the cause or causes of it; restoring your normal body movements and reducing swelling and irritation

The clinic has a cranial osteopath, who is experienced in the treatment of both adults and children.

Additional services at the clinic
In addition to osteopathy there is also a chiropody service.

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Theraputic Treatments

• Osteopathy
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Sports Therapy


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Patient Testimonials

“I have returned to work now that I am pain-free.”
James, 2020

“I never thought that my neck pain would be relieved. Thank you.”
Angela, 2021

“I’m unemployed, so money was tight, but Kevin fixed my back in 2 treatments. Thanks.”
Jim, 2021

”You fixed my back so I could work again, thanks”
Clive W. (April 2014)

“A BIG thank you. My neck felt so good after your treatment”
Audrey C. (August 2014)

“Thank you for easing my stiff back ”
Tina S. (July 2014)

“My arthritis is now less of a problem, thanks”
Sarah M. (March 2014)