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Hornchurch Osteopaths ~ What We Do

• Osteopathy
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Sports Therapy

Osteopathic treatment can help many musculoskeletal conditions. These include the common aches and pains due to strains, falls and overuse, as well as the more long-term back and neck problems. It can often alleviate the problems associated with stress and tension including chronic headaches. Osteopathy is seen by many to treat those suffering back pain but in fact it is a complete system of healthcare for the musculoskeletal system. Other conditions that we see a lot of include: arthritis; sciatica; neck pain; hip pain and dysfunction; whiplash; joint strain, headaches and migraine; frozen shoulder; tennis elbow; and sports injuries, to name a few.

The following is a list of some problems treated by osteopaths. The list is by no means complete and if you have any queries, please telephone for further advice

Services and treatments

  • • Frozen or stiff shoulders
  • • Wrist pain
  • • Hip problems
  • • Thigh and knee problems
  • • Calf and shin problems
  • • Whiplash injuries
  • • Neck ache
  • • Tennis elbow and arm pain
  • • Back pain
  • • Disc problems
  • • Aches and pains in pregnancy
  • • Pelvic pain
  • • Arthritic pain and stiffness
  • • Foot problems
  • • Jaw problems
  • • Injury rehabilitation
  • • Joint pain treatment
  • • Migraine or headache treatment
  • • Muscle pain treatment
  • • Sciatica treatment
  • • Repetitive strain injury treatment
  • • Sports injury treatment
  • • Trapped nerves treatment
  • • Nutritional Therapy
  • • Expectant Mothers treatment
  • • Knee pain
  • • Hip pain
  • • Bursitis
  • • Whiplash Injuries

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Theraputic Treatments

• Osteopathy
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Sports Therapy


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Patient Testimonials

“I have returned to work now that I am pain-free.”
James, 2020

“I never thought that my neck pain would be relieved. Thank you.”
Angela, 2021

“I’m unemployed, so money was tight, but Kevin fixed my back in 2 treatments. Thanks.”
Jim, 2021

”You fixed my back so I could work again, thanks”
Clive W. (April 2014)

“A BIG thank you. My neck felt so good after your treatment”
Audrey C. (August 2014)

“Thank you for easing my stiff back ”
Tina S. (July 2014)

“My arthritis is now less of a problem, thanks”
Sarah M. (March 2014)