110 Wash Road, Noak Bridge, SS15 4BP

Welcome To Noak Bridge Osteopaths Near Basildon

In easy reach of Basildon and surrounding towns, our Osteopath practice was established at Ardleigh Green for more than 20 years and has served over 2500 patients in local communities.

Local to Basildon Osteopath Kevin Gill has many years of experienced helping people recover from physical pain and dysfunction with high quality osteopathic treatments. At Noak Bridge Osteopaths (formerly Ardleigh Green Osteopaths), we have a full range of services in our repertoire. We cater to patients from Basildon and all towns in South East Essex.

Restoring your health and mobility quickly is our goal.

Noak Bridge Osteopaths Basildon have an impressive reputation within the local community. Our satisfied patients appreciate their experiences of a swift recovery, so we get most of our custom from their recommendation. When we take your case history, we do so with great attention to detail. This is followed by an examination process that will establish if we are able to assist you. Our assessment and appraisal are always honest and professional. We will always refer you to a medical professional that is more suited to your requirements if needed.

The Osteopathy Treatment

Osteopathic treatments consist of gentle manipulation, plus stretching of the body’s muscles. joints and ligaments. There is no pain involved and hardly ever even causes discomfort.

Osteopathy is a well respected and trusted way of resolving a wide variety of painful conditions effectively. It helps to bring the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and ligaments) back to normal function. The aim of the osteopathic treatment process is to attain pain relief and improvement in your mobilty as fast as possible. Our Basildon osteopathy can be beneficial for people in all age groups. We adapt the process to fit the needs of each and every individual patient. For further details and to book an appointment with an Osteopath Basildon, please don’t hesitate to phone or email us.
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Noak Bridge Osteopaths Is conveniently located

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Theraputic Treatments

• Osteopathy
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Sports Therapy
• Aromatherapy massage


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Patient Testimonials

“I have returned to work now that I am pain-free.”
James, 2020

“I never thought that my neck pain would be relieved. Thank you.”
Angela, 2021

“I’m unemployed, so money was tight, but Kevin fixed my back in 2 treatments. Thanks.”
Jim, 2021

”You fixed my back so I could work again, thanks”
Clive W. (April 2014)

“A BIG thank you. My neck felt so good after your treatment”
Audrey C. (August 2014)

“Thank you for easing my stiff back ”
Tina S. (July 2014)

“My arthritis is now less of a problem, thanks”
Sarah M. (March 2014)